Types Of Corsets And How To Pair Them


Fashion statements involve creating a unique style that stands out from the many existing trends. The difficult styles to pull off present the biggest opportunity to develop a paring that makes you unique. Wearing a corset top is one such challenge that gives you a chance to show your fashion prowess. You can have parings, but first, it is important to understand your body shape. The corset helps to elevate your body outline. However, you should know how different corset designs and trends look on you. For example, wearing a white corset top requires keen attention to complementing outfits. The following are corset types and tips to consider when wearing them.

1. The underbust corset top

The underbust is a corset top that begins from under your breasts to your laps. This corset type works well when you first understand the right length that feels comfortable for the fitting region. The straps help fasten it into place for a tight fit which brings out the hourglass shape of your body. However, the important tip is to understand whether to wear your corset on top or below your dress. The perfect look for the underbust is when you have it above your dress. The dress should be a plain color, with the corset being plain color.

2. The overbust corset top

The overbust is another corset top design that extends from your underarms to the area above your hips. The overbust is an easier design to pull off than the underbust since it does not depend on the shape of your hips. When wearing this design, the perfect dress to accompany it should be a short dress that does not reach your knees. The final pairing for a trendy look is to wear high heels that complement your outfit to make it complete.

3. The sweetheart neckline

The sweetheart neckline is a type of corset that you wear to get a feminine appearance. The corset starts from your breasts to your hips, allowing you to rock a classically trendy look. The perfect pairing option for this corset is the bridesmaid dress, which is unique for formal events. An example is the wedding and official office party, where elegance and style highlight the day.

4.Corset belt

The corset belt is an alternative that is easier to pull off if you have trouble with the tops. It is made from leather material and has straps that you fasten around the waist like a belt, only that it covers a bigger surface. It extends from your navel to a few inches below your waistline. The benefit of this corset type is that it shows the outline of your figure while avoiding the sophistication of the normal corset top. You can only wear it on top of your dress. The best dress design is a slightly baggy short dress.


The ability to pull off an elegant look when you wear a corset depends on your taste in dresses. It is important to pick the right dress that complements the figure of your body, which becomes visible when you put on a corset top. However, you can opt for the corset belt when you are unsure about the best top for your figure.


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