Saekano; A romantic novel series


Saekano is a Japanese romantic novel series with a comedy touch in it. The full name of the novel in English is saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend. Its Japanese long-form is commonly known as Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata. The writer of this novel is Fumiaki Maruto. The illustration of the novel was done by Kurehito Misaki. Between the years 2012 and 2017, thirteen volumes of this novel have been produced and published. From this, its popularity can be estimated. Fujimi shobo is the producer of this novel series in Japan. The story of the novel revolves around a guy named Tomoya Aki who is a high school student. He hires three beautiful girls who will help him in developing a visual novel and then selling it in a convention, known as comiket convention. Thus, Tomoya is the protagonist character of this novel series.

A brief introduction of Novel Characters:

We will discuss the main characters of the novel in the following section so that story of the novel can be easily comprehended. So brief information of some main characters is as follows.

The main character of the story; Tomoya Aki

Tomoya Aki is the main character of the novel around which the story of the novel revolves. He studies at Toyogasaki academy of Japan. His section is 2B. He loves and enjoys watching manga or comic novels with strong graphics. He is fond of watching animated movies or anime series and reading light novels. He often plays games that are focused on attractive girls. As we know that he hires three girls for helping him develop a light novel. Those three girls are named Utaha, Megumi Kato, and his childhood friend Eriri.

Eriri Sawamura:

As we know that she was the childhood friend of Tomoya. It would not be wrong if we say that they were best friends together. Eriri Sawamura was in class 2G. She was a famous artist at his school art club. She was a very fine painter of her school. Her father was of British origin and her mother was Japanese. She has a charming personality with blonde hair that is bundled on the opposite sides of the head symmetrically. Tomoya took her help in his novel development and give her the task of an illustrator for Blessing Software. She agreed easily because they were friends since their childhood. But she has a sadistic nature accompanied by passion.

Megumi Kato:

She is the class fellow of Tomoya that’s why they know each other and he gave her tasks about his novel. She was a good-looking and charming girl but she was not so expressive and bold girl which made her look ordinary in the class. She also had a lack of knowledge about his classmates even Tomoya. She considered him as an ordinary guy. She had beautiful long hair that was cut short at the end of the series.


she studied in class 3C. She was also fond of reading novels and thus she could even write pretty good novels. She also had published a novel before whose fifty thousand plus copies were sold.


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