How to maintain a garage door


Garage doors are typically used every day to commute cars in and out of the house. Whether they are used daily to store 1-2 cars, or you are someone who does not have ownership of a car, nonetheless, a garage is the perfect place where you can treat it as an extra room and store all your belongings.

When it comes to 16×17 garage doors, you will know that the garage door can eventually start to wear down when you have owned a home for quite some time. Whether they wear down is through rust forming on the surface or the springs not working correctly, it can all contribute to the garage door getting messed up.

When that happens, your garage door will simply stop operating like it used to. It was able to easily open and close the door; now, you will find that doing basic tasks like opening and closing will be tedious for the garage door.

Therefore, it deems very necessary that you should be taking care of your garage door, especially if it is old. Let’s say that you have replaced the door and need to maintain it now; how do you do it? Well, follow these tips, and you will get your answer!

Inspect garage door

The main important thing that you need to realize about a garage is the door is that since it is mechanical, it is a machine, and like all machines, over time, after excessive usage, it can get rusted, dirty, or it can straight up stop working. When that happens, what do you do?

The simple answer is, a few times a year, you need to dedicate 10-15 minutes a day to check whether your garage door is working correctly or not, and if it is not, then you need to think of the next step appropriately, about whether you need to change it or not.

Maintenance of springs

The next thing that you need to consider is that your garage door comes with a lot of springs, especially torsion springs, and these springs are responsible for helping your garage door open and close.

So, making sure that these springs are up to date and free of rust is crucial if you want your door to stay working for more extended periods. The worst thing that can happen is that if you leave your springs unserviced and unattended, they can get stuck over time, and your garage door will simply stop working the way it used to. Therefore, maintenance of the garage springs is a necessary step that you need to take no matter what.

Clean the surface

Last but not least, making sure that the garage door surface is clean at all times is another thing that you need to keep into account. If you do not clean it, then it can start collecting excessive dirt, and over time, that dust can get stuck and collect in springs, which will again lead to the overall operation of springs slowing down.

Parting words

So to say, maintenance of garage doors does not need to be a tough job, mainly when you aim to use them for years on end. Now and then, you should inspect them and check if they are working correctly, that’s all.


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