How To Care for Human Hair Lace Front Wigs


Human hair lace front wigs are primarily fragile and need special care and protection. Even most hair care specialists, most people aren’t aware of the aspects to consider that’ll give the best results from these wigs every time. Although there are many ways to wash and store a wig, many questions and endless products concern its sustainability. This brief guide for human hair wig care ensures a distinctive look with every style.

How often should Human Hair Wigs be Washed?

Well, this is the most frequently occurring question, and the answer is that it’s often a personal choice and frequency of wearing the wig that decides how often it should be washed. Many people wear it daily for their vlogs, cosplays, and more. When the intensity of human hair lace front wigs usage increases,  you need to increase its frequency of washing accordingly. Yet, some people wash the front lace every two weeks to keep it fresh.

Now, if someone doesn’t wear the wig that often, it is recommended not to wash it until it feels extremely dry or sticky; that’s when it loses its volume. One thing to note about human hair wigs is that every wash decreases its lifespan, so only wash when it’s indispensable.

Hair Care Routine for Human Hair Wig

Before starting any hair care procedure with the human hair wig, removing the tangles with a wide-bristle comb is essential. Avoid brushing the hair and slowly combing from root to end.


Oiling is an essential element of pampering hair, whether it be natural or a wig. Go for organic and soothing oils, like sesame, coconut, argan, and more specific to human hair. It’ll not only increase the span but also give a soft feel.


Always use cool water for rinsing human hair wigs and avoid soaking it in any product. A few drops of shampoo go a long way and makes sure every bit of the product is rinsed. If left, it’ll damage the hair. After thoroughly washing it, squeeze all the water out without twisting the hair.


Only a tiny amount of conditioner can deliver a deepening impact on human-hair wigs. Please put on the conditioner for around two minutes and rinse it off thoroughly. Don’t use hair styling tools right away; place the wig on a stand to complete the drying process.

Storing Human Hair Wig

Most synthetic wigs are just for a one-time wash. However, with human hair lace front wigs, there’s freedom of storage. All the efforts spent on styling and perfecting it won’t be wasted, as it’ll be easily preserved. For storing an unstyled wig, there is a simple procedure of rolling and reducing all the hair, making it thin, then covering it with a net. However, in the case of a styled wig, a Styrofoam head can be used for keeping it as it is. Moreover, using a canvas block or a folding stand can also maintain the stiffness of your wig.


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