10 Clarifications On 3 Bundles With 4-4 Lace Closure


3 Bundles With 4-4 Lace Closure is a hot topic in the hair community. Some people are unsure what three bundles with a 4-4 lace closure entail. Here, we will clarify any confusion and provide information on this style.

3 bundles with closure is a popular style because it offers a lot of versatility. You can wear your hair straight, curly, or wavy – the options are endless! When you purchase 3 bundles, that’s equal to three packs of hair. A pack of hair is one bundle. The 4-4 closure refers to the size of the part in addition to the number of wefts. This type of closure has four parts and four wefts.

Before settling on this style, customers should consider what hairstyle they desire and if their natural hair will blend well with the installed texture. Of course, customers should also look at reviews and social media pages before deciding where to buy this hair.

Its Style and Maintenance

3 Bundles With 4-4 Lace Closure can last up to a year and requires little to no maintenance. On this note, the hair is installed on an invisible or transparent lace closure. This means that you can wear your hair both out and with a sew-in cap (for instance, for more coverage) – all without compromising the quality of your hair!

The style comes in many textures – Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian – and colours – jet black, browns, reds – so wearers can customize their look as desired. These factors give customers even more reasons why 3 bundles with 4-4 lace closure have become such a popular trend over time.

Whether you’re looking to buy virgin hair, Remy hair, a lace closure, a pre-tipped hairpiece – anything – there are a million and one options on where to buy this type of hair from.

3 Bundles With 4-4 Lace Closure

  1. The hair is 100% virgin human hair with no mix.
  2. The hair is double weft and complete end.
  3. The hair is naturally black and can be dyed and bleached.
  4. The hair is soft, thick, smooth, and tangle-free.
  5. The hair can be curled, straightened, and styled as you like.
  6. The bundles are machine wefted, and the closure is hand-tied.
  7. The closure is swiss lace with a natural hairline and baby hairs around the perimeter.
  8. The closure is 4×4 inches in size and fits most people.
  9. The closure is made of 100% Remy human hair and can be dyed to any colour.
  10. The closure is attached by combs, not tape or glue.

What type of bundles are 3 bundles with 4-4 Lace Closure?

The hair is treated as per the norm with synthetic hair that will allow you to treat it just like your natural hair, with proper care and maintenance. The hair can last up to 2 years based on the correct handling and maintenance. The hair does not tangle or shed if it does, let us know immediately to assist you further!

We offer 100% virgin Remy human hair with undetectable knots for all package sizes; however, I only recommend the Virgin Brazilian Hair since most clients go for a small lace closure (3×3). Virgin Indian Hair is also good if applied correctly, but there is some debate about the quality of Indian hair online; therefore, I recommend Brazilian Hair 100%.

If you are applying the weave one yourself (DIY), I do not advise installing more than 2 bundles for a total of 18″, 20″, 22″, or 24″ length since this package comes with 4-4 lace closure. 3 Bundles is enough for these lengths, and if your client’s natural hair is longer than shoulder length already, you can use 4-4 bundles to be safe. Virgin Remy Human Hair Virgin Malaysian Hair

How long will it last?

This hair can last up to two years, depending on the care instructions provided! After re-use, the hair should last past the 2-year mark if proper care instructions are followed. Please do not bleach or chemicals in the hair since it is 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair!

What type of lace closure do I get according to my curl pattern?

This small 3×3 lace closure is good if you need four bundles or more minor. However, since you have a looser curl pattern, I would go with our Virgin Brazilian Curly Hair or Virgin Malaysian Curly Wave Hair. If you need help choosing your closure, please let me know! Our small 3×3 lace closure works great on clients with fine hair who want to wear their hair down and loose instead of in a ponytail or bun.


Three bundles with 4-4 ombre lace closure are quality Virgin Remy human hair, which can be applied using a standard sewing machine without any tools. The weave has undetectable knots to create a natural look for your client and comes with baby hairs around the perimeter to make it look very realistic.

The closure is swiss lace with a natural-looking hairline that blends seamlessly into the rest of your weave, giving you an extra boost of confidence, knowing that nobody will be able to tell that you are wearing one! This type of weave is perfect if you are looking for a hassle-free installation process while still having access to all the advantages extensions offer.


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